Glossary: Central Vacuums

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Power Unit -

The motor assembly that provides suction for the system; usually includes a dirt cannister that is emptied periodically. The power unit is usually mounted on a wall outside the living area; typically in the garage or utility room.

Power Team -

The vacuum head, wand, hose, and accessories. The hose handle usually has switches to control the power unit and/or electric beater brush.

Beater Brush -

The rotating bristles in the vacuum head that assist with cleaning.

Turbine Brush - The brush is air driven by the vacuum. It has less power and is suited to smooth floors.
Electric Brush - The brush is electrically powered and can handle carpets and other rougher surfaces.

Wall Inlet -

The wall mounted connection to the vacuum system. The hinged cover opens and the vacuum hose is inserted. The wall inlets usually also have a low voltage wiring connection that turns the power unit off and on. Typically three or more wall inlets will serve an entire home.