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Kiva Fireplace Accessories

Beehive, or "kiva", fireplaces are a mainstay of Santa Fe style homes. We offer fireplace screens in various sizes & profiles to fit most kivas - all locally crafted. We also have kiva fireplace grates. These allow the logs to be positioned and burned teepee style, which is the traditional arrangement in kiva fireplaces.

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Pilgrim Hearth Products

Hearth Accessories are the finishing touch for your stove or fireplace. We stock a full selection of quality accessories year round. We proudly feature a broad line of finely crafted stove & fireplace toolsets (both classic and modern styles), fireplace screens, log carriers, and firewood holders. Pilgrim products are always stylish, yet very functional. Most of their line is made in America.

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Hearth Accessory Poker Tool Set

Fireplace Tongs

Traditionally fireplace tongs had only two opposing prongs just like touching your thumb and forefinger together. The problem is a log, particularly a good size one, tends to twist out of control.

Pilgrim's fireplace tongs all use a three prong setup, which grasps the log firmly with little pressure and give you complete control when you are moving or adding logs to the fire. Once you try it, you'll never to back to the old two prong type.

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Hearth Accessories


Firestarters are the easiest & safest way to light a stove or fireplace fire.

Early Spanish settlers in New Mexico call it acote, naturally occuring pitch soaked wood sticks that burn fiercely when lit. Today, it's typically referred to as fatwood. We carry all natural Georgia Fatwood, responsibly harvested only from long dead stumps (some 100 years or more) of the longleaf pine.

It's great to take camping also. A couple sticks of Georgia fatwood will light any fire, even damp logs.

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Hearth Accessories

Hearth Maintenance Accessories

We stock a complete selection of maintenance and care items for your stove or fireplace, including cleaning products, touchup paints, common repair & replacement items, firebricks, fireplace cements, sealants, woodstove door gaskets, and much more.

Stove Brite high temperature spray paints are the original paint finishes used by many manufacturers. You can touch up the factory finish, or with the large color selection, completely change the look of your stove or fireplace to complement your room decor.

Rutland's Glass Cleaner is an absolute essential to maintain the clarity of your glass doors. Super easy and quick to use. See the FAQ's for more details.

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