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Beam Central Vacuum Systems

With up to five time the power of uprights and the ability to remove 100% of contacted dirt and dust from living areas, a Beam central vacuum system gives your home a whole new kind of clean. Unlike conventional vacuums that just recirculate dust, a Beam engineered system removes dirt, dust mites, pollen, animal dander and other allergens from living areas, creating a healthier environment.

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Vacuum Power Team Serenity Plus

Beam Power Team

Beam Power Teams give you the proper tools to easily and thoroughly clean any floor surface and virtually anything above the floor. They include electric power brush, 30' or 35' crushproof hose, plus a full complement of brushes, tools & nozzles. The unique full swivel handle makes it easy to get under and around everything in your home.

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Vacuum power unit in garage

Beam Power Unit

Beam Power Units lead the industry in cleaning power & performance. A broad range of units provides the capability to clean any size home. Beam systems feature an exclusive self-cleaning vacuum filter from the inventors of GORE-TEX fabric that allows it to work like new everytime.

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Vacuum Pan in home baseboard

Beam Vac Pan

Beam's clever Vac Pan is designed to install under kitchen cabinets or in mud rooms and foyers. A simple touch of the toe turns on the unit so you can quickly and easily sweep away the mess.

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vacuume drawer pan

Beam Drawer Vac

Inspired by the Vac Pan, Beam's Drawer Vac takes that idea to a counter top level. Drawer Vac nestles unobtrusively under the counter. Simply pull it out to activate the central vacuum, and brush away the crumbies.

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