On gas & electric ranges, can the vent fan be exhausted to the outside?

Yes. There is a standard size flange on the rear of the range that can be ducted directly to the rear or up through the ceiling. Left closed, the vent fan runs in a re-circulating mode.

Does the gas top/gas oven range require electricity?

Yes, electricity is needed to ignite the burners and also run the vent fan/light/clock/timer functions.

What about propane?

When you order your Heartland range, simply specify which fuel – natural gas or propane. If you order propane, you also need to note if it will be installed at an altitude above 7,000′ so the stove can be configured for high altitude operation.

Will a gas or electric range fit in my existing kitchen?

The 30″ models fit in a standard range slot. The 48″ models are wider & usually require modifying your base cabinets. If you have wall cabinets above the range, double check the Heartland range height dimension. Reminder – Heartland ranges are deeper (front to back) than many standard base cabinets, so they may stick out further than your existing cabinets.

Does Heartland make a double door refrigerator?

No, although customers do order two units and have one hinged left & one hinged right. You then also have the benefit of separate temperature settings for each unit.

Do colors cost more?

All the Heartland color choices are the same price.

Why should I use firestarters?

They are safe, quick, easy to use, and minimize or eliminate the need to prepare kindling. They are a great replacement for crumpled up newspaper which can flare up and send burning bits of paper up and out the chimney. Those bits of paper sucked up the chimney can also clog catalytic combustors (in some woodstoves) and clog chimney cap spark screens.

Do they make a wood/gas or wood/electric combo range?

No, safety codes on longer allow these type of combination stoves.

Are there special installation requirements for the wood cookstoves?

The special requirements are similar to most wood heating appliances. The stove has to sit on either a non-combustible floor or an insulated pad. There is a specific clearance to the wall behind the stove – optional heat shields can reduce the needed clearance. There are specific clearances to side cabinets left and right. Stove pipe comes up from the back of the stove and connects with insulated chimney to pass throught the ceiling & roof. Check the installation manual for all the specific instructions and dimensions.

Can I get parts for my family's old wood cookstove?

Virtually all the makers of cookstoves from the late 1800s and early 1900s are long since out of business. We carry several common items such as lid lifters, some sizes of cooking lids, firebricks, refractory cement, stove gaskets. There are shops that refurbish old cookstoves and may have some parts; an Internet search should list them.