Can I put a Beam system in an existing house?

Yes. It’s a bit more difficult, but it is often done. If your house has a basement or crawl space, it is easy to run the tubing and come up throught the floor into the walls. When the floor is on grade, or slab, the tubing is run up over the roof. The exposed tubing needs to be enclosed for weather & sunlight protection.

Where should I put the outlets?

Not a problem. Often homeowners will purchase two hose kits, one for each floor. It adds to the convenience.

How far can I run the tubing?

We recommend a maximum run of ninety feet.

What if the house I'm building is larger than that?

Rather than pushing the limits of tubing runs, for large or spread out houses we suggest two smaller power units, one at each end of the house. Our experience is that this is the best way to handle long homes.

Can I use regular PVC pipe for the tubing?

Standard central vacuum tubing has different inside and outside diameters than regular PVC pipe. The two products don’t mate up. Additionally, vacuum system PVC tubing has fittings specifically designed for central vacuum applications.

I have another brand of vacuum system

The outlets are specific to each brand. However, they can easily be replaced with Beam outlets.

If that doesn't fix the problem?

The only time we know of that a wall had to be opened up, the problem was not the vacuum system itself, rather one of the family’s kids had stuffed all their Hot Wheels cars into an outlet. Little Johnny was in big trouble!