Landscape Lighting offers a number of benefits for your home.

By highlighting steps and walkways, exterior lighting makes it easy to safely navigate your property, and deters criminal activity, adding both security and aesthetic beauty for your home. And a lighting system allows you to enjoy your landscaping after dark, as well as during the day. Landscape lighting makes outdoor areas an extension of your home and adds lasting value. Lighting systems use a transformer that converts house power to low voltage electricity that can safely be buried and exposed to moisture. Timers and light sensors give you control over the system.

LED bulbs offer dramatically greater energy efficiency and bulb life. We offer a huge selection of Brilliance LED bulbs, making it easy to replace your existing landscape lighting bulbs.

Visit The Firebird and tour our demonstration garden in front of the store. In addition to highlighting irrigation, the garden showcases the use of landscape lighting.

Interpretative signage explains various low voltage lighting components.  All the items are left exposed for easy visibility.

You can view the lighting controller, which uses a photocell to turn on the lights at dusk, and a timer to turn them off at a specified time.

There are three main types of landscape lighting fixtures:

  • Path and Walkway Fixtures – usually mount on posts and illuminate the nearby ground.
  • Wash Fixtures – mount near the ground and shine upward to wash walls, trees, and shrubs.
  • Down Lights – mount in trees, or hang from structures to light a larger area below.

Focus Industries Landscape Lighting

Focus offers a broad selection of lighting fixtures and options. They offer a wide variety of finishes to complement any landscape scheme.

Kichler Landscape Lights

Kichler is a manufacturer of premium lighting fixtures for commercial, residential, and landscape applications. They offer wide selection of elegantly designed fixtures, including whimsical ones such as the heron pictured below. Their online interactive catalog allows you to download/print any items of interest.