In the arid Southwest, capturing and utilizing rainfall is an essential part of conserving natural resources and cost effective outdoor watering. We carry a variety of barrels and tanks, in numerous sizes and styles, for capturing rainwater.

On display in our showroom.

Bushman Water Tanks

Bushman offers several sizes of tanks up to 1,320 gallons, including their unique Slimline series. These tanks are specifically designed to fit snugly against your house close to the gutter or canale.

Their light tan color, Mocha, is most popular, although several other colors are available.

On display in our showroom.

Water Tanks

Water Tanks are used to capture even larger quantities of water; typically from 500 to 2,500 gallons. Because these tanks are generally too large to situate directly under a gutter or canale, PVC pipe is used to route the rainwater from the roof gutter or canale to the tank. Tanks may be located above ground or underground; use a tank designed for the specific above/under ground application.

Water tanks require some planning for the tank location, routing of incoming lines from roof to tank, and outgoing lines to where the water will be used. Our expert staff can assist you in developing an effective installation.

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