Stuv 21

Stuv clean burning wood fireplaces are available in ten different models. The see thru style shown here is comes in four different sizes so you can enjoy the fire from multiple rooms. The hideaway glass door raises & lowers with just the touch of a finger. It also tilts outward for easy cleaning.

Stuv fireplaces are finely crafted and imported from Belgium.

Burning in our showroom.

Rumford 1000

Now clean doesn’t mean compromise. The Rumford 1000 combines environmentally responsible clean wood burning with the traditional romance of an open fire.  While your family enjoys the snap, crackle, & pop of the fire, it is producing 70% less emissions than a typical fireplace with the door open and 93% less with the door closed.

The hideaway glass door and fire screen raise & lower with just the touch of a finger. This unique fireplace is available in several sizes that fit the scale of larger spaces.

Burning in our showroom.

Focus 320

The Focus 250 & 320 are RSF’s newest series of high efficiency clean burning wood fireplaces.  The Focus 320 shown here, and 250 have simple lines that blend with any décor and heating capacities of up to 2,000 sq. ft. RSF offers numerous models for any decor and heating need.

RSF fireplaces can be equipped with remote heat ducts to draw warm room air from around the fireplace and direct it into adjacent rooms.

Burning in our showroom.

FPX Elite

FPX pioneered the arch face fireplace, a look that has been copied by many others.  One of the cleanest burning fireplaces ever, the Elite offers a variety of arch faces and door styles.  A posi-pressure system draws outside air in for combustion and to heat the room.  A barometric damper prevents cold air from entering the room when not in use. The Elite is capable of heating 2,000 sq/ft. and more.  Available in 36” & 44” models.

WarmHearth Plus

The WarmHearth Plus is a large high efficiency fireplace capable of heating spacious areas.  Regency’s airwash system is among the best at keeping the glass smoke free so you always have a good view of the fire.  Using natural convection, or fan assisted, the bottom openings draw in room air through a heat exchanger and expel it out the top opening.

WFP-75 Montgomery

WFP-75 is one of Hearthstone’s newest models, with a large firebox and heating capacity of up to 2,000 sq ft.  Twin temperature controlled fans draw cool room air from the bottom grillwork, through a heat exchanger, and out the top.  The hammered cast iron face is available in black paint finish or warm brown enamel.

On display in our showroom.

Majestic See-Thru

Majestic offers a complete line of decorative fireplaces in a range of sizes. Most will also accept a gas log set using gas line access from either side. Chimney damper, grate, & sliding screen are standard. Bi-fold glass doors are available. Shown is a dramatic two sided model that adds excitement to any room.