Morso 6170 Wood Stove

Morso 6170 Wood Stove

Morso’s contemporary stoves have been created by noted Danish designers. The unique wall mount stove pictured here is one of 6 contemporary models offered by Morso. Striking looks complement their high heating performance.

On display in our showroom

Rais Wood Stoves

Rais Wood Stoves

Rais stoves feature quality construction and a tall design that raises the firebox for an excellent view of the fire, taking up little floorspace in the room.

Shown in the center is the Q TEE, one of Rais’ new models. The stove can be used alone, or on the optional wood storage base. Small and large wood storage benches can be added to either or both sides. Manufactured in Denmark.

On display in our showroom


Contemporary Collection

Hearthstone’s Bari and Tula models offer high efficiency woodburning surrounded by modern European styling. The tall shapes combine unparalleled fireviewing with a small footprint. The Bari & Tula swivel 180 degrees on their base so you can see the fire from multiple points in the room. Several finishes are available.

On display in our showroom.


Regency F5100B Wood Stove

One of the largest wood stoves on the market today, the extra large F5100B wood stove, combines the clean Alterra cast iron door with Regency’s classic steel stove body. The huge firebox accommodates a 22″ log, giving a heating capacity upwards of 4,000 sq ft and nearly a 24 hour burn time. The F5100B is truly “blazing heat” !

A slightly smaller version, the F3500B, is burning in our showroom.

Burning in our showroom.

Stuv Wood Stove

Stuv stoves take modern European styling to a new level. The Cube 16 series can be used with or without the wood storage base. The 30 series models raise the fire for unparalleled viewing with a small footprint. Both the 16 & 30 stoves are completely finished on their back sides, making them uniquely ideal for mid room settings.

The beautiful looks are complimented by the impressive engineering and craftsmanship.  Manufactured in Belgium.

On display in our showroom


Encore Wood Stove

For more than 20 years the Encore, shown in Bordeaux enamel, has represented the pinnacle of stove design. Top loading, swing out covered ash pan, and a 2 in 1 burn technology are just a few of the features you can expect from Vermont Castings. Four models can accommodate almost any heating need.

The Encore is burning in our showroom, and the other models are also on display.

Burning in our showroom.


Classic Steel Stove Series

The Classic series, in three sizes, offers tremendous heating value. The large glass offers a great view of the fire. Simple controls make it easy to operate. The limited lifetime warranty is well deserved; we have many still operating 20+ year old Regency stoves that homeowners don’t want to part with. Regency offers various trim options including a traditional pedestal model shown here with the contemporary cast iron door.



This large stove heats to 2,500 sq ft and offers a long burn time up to 10 hours. The body of the stove is thick slabs of solid soapstone. Soapstone has the unique property of absorbing large amounts of heat and gently radiating that heat over time.

Hearthstone has a full line of high efficiency wood stoves in both solid soapstone and cast iron construction, including some with soapstone lined fireboxes. All quality built in Vermont.

Burning in our showroom.


Jotul Wood Stoves

Jotul offers a broad range of 11 wood stove models to meet every heating need. Most have ashpans and are mobile home approved. The cast iron components are made of 100% recycled iron in their Norway foundry that is powered by clean hydro-electric generated electricity.

The F55 Carrabassett pictured here will heat up to 2,500 sq. ft. Jotul’s large F600 model is burning in our showroom.

Burning in our showroom.


Morso 2100 Wood Stove

Since 1853 the Morso foundry has been producing quality wood stoves in Denmark. The 2100 model pictured here is one of 11 classically styled stoves. 98% of the cast iron is from recycled materials and 80% of the foundry’s energy comes from renewable energy sources.

On display in our showroom


Century Wood Stoves

One of our newest brands is the Century line high efficiency wood stoves. These stoves and inserts offer great heating performance a value price. Several models are mobile home approved. All are manufactured in Canada.

On display in our showroom