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The allure of Fire on The Hearth, we carrry the largest selection of fireplaces and stoves in Northern New Mexico
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Gas fireplaces and stoves are a perfect fit for busy lifestyles. Simply press a button for instant flames & heat. Their huge range of sizes and styles fit any decor or heating requirement. Thermostat functions insure anytime warmth.

Today's wood stoves & fireplaces offer outstanding heating efficiency along with a large view of the fire. Styles range from classic to the most modern contemporary as shown here.

Environmentally friendly, they burn with no visible smoke. Wood is a renewable fuel and is considered very carbon neutral. Using wood for heat means less fossil fuels burned and less greenhouse gas emissions.

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The Firebird is Santa Fe’s largest supplier of water saving drip irrigation systems, vital for maintaining landscapes in our dry climate.
Our experienced & nationally certified staff can help you with all your outdoor watering needs; drip systems, sprinklers, rainwater harvesting, storm drainage.
We stock over 1,800 commercial grade items, which is why irrigation professionals choose The Firebird.

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landscape lighting

Summer or winter, landscape lighting adds beauty to your home's outdoor areas during the evening hours. Exterior lights that illuminate steps and walkways make it easy to safely navigate your property, adding both security and aesthetic beauty for your home. Landscape lighting makes outdoor areas an extension of your home and adds lasting value.


BakerStone Grill Pizza Oven
Why pay thousands for an outdoor wood fired pizza oven?
Simply set the BakerStone oven on your grill and enjoy pizza in minutes
The heavy ceramic lining gives your food that wood fired pizza oven flavor
We've tried it on our demo grill and the results are fabulous!

Turn Your Patio into an Outdoor Living Space

That area behind your house? No, that’s no longer the backyard. That’s an outdoor living space. It’s where you can entertain. Or staycate. Or just relax. What it is, really, is another room—only one without walls or ceilings. It’s also the perfect spot for a fireplace, a....

outdoor kitchen

If you have been dreaming of taking your grilling & outdoor entertaining to the next level, its easier than you think. Our step by step guide shows you how to build a grilling center like this or the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

It's so much fun you may never go back in the house!

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