4 Reasons Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Landscape Your Yard

Time to Start Landscaping


Spring has sprung! Are you dreaming of transforming your yard into a beautiful retreat? Planting in Spring is the perfect time to redo your landscape design. The most effective way to boost your home’s curb appeal is to pay special attention to the landscaping. Having rich foliage with trendy design can make your house look and feel more like home. 

But are you still unsure of when is the best time of the year to do landscaping? Learn four reasons to understand why Spring is the perfect season to landscape your yard. 


  1. Planting in Spring is the perfect time to build your dream landscape: From the hot sun beating down on your plants to the heavy rainfalls, you never know what planting in New Mexico would bring to the table. In the Spring, all of your new plants will look similar throughout the year. As a result, Spring is the perfect time to get an idea of how your landscape design will look year-round.
  2. Plenty of options: Local nurseries start to get seasonal plants in stock. Spring is the perfect time to browse your options that are best suited for your region. 
  3. Explosive Growth in Spring: Due to the soothing weather, flowers are more likely to be grown if planted in Spring.
  4. New Plants are more likely to survive: With the best and optimum care of the plants, the plants are expected to withstand the weather conditions during Spring. 


Now that we have stated you enough reasons as to why you should plan your next landscape in the Spring, here are some Landscaping tips that should be in mind: 

–> Start with Yard Cleanup: Your spring preparations should begin with absolute yard cleanup. The first thing which one should do is to remove debris deposited in your yard throughout the cold season.

–> Break out the rake: Get out your rake to clean up the extra leaves from the fall or the winter. This will also help in removing the tramped grass and will help in growth.

–>  Pruning: Spring is the perfect pruning time for your plants & trees. It will help you improve the health of the tree while allowing you to remove the dangerous limbs and give the trees the perfect shape.

–> Add new mulch: This will help in the control of moisture absorption and keeping weeds covered so that they cant sprout. 

–> Fertilization: This is the critical ingredient in keeping the grass of your yard healthy. Planting in New Mexico becomes more difficult since the dry weather does not allow the plants to get enough water for them to grow. Hence, Rainwater Harvesting could help store water and prevent the plants from dying. 


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