Rainwater Collection

What are the benefits of collecting rainwater?


Collecting rainwater has numerous benefits, for homes, business owners, and the environment.   

The key benefit of rainwater collection is that it promotes water conservation. By collecting and using rainwater, we can reduce our reliance on municipal water supplies, which can help conserve New Mexico’s water resources. As a home or business owner, rainwater collection can help lower your monthly water bills as well as reduce the cost of keeping your lawn and garden lucious and green. 

Not only does this help with the cost of keeping your outdoor space beautiful, but rainwater is also great for plant growth. Rainwater is free of chemicals and other additives that are commonly found in municipal water supplies, which can help improve plant growth and soil quality.

Collecting rainwater can also benefit the community by helping reduce stormwater runoff, which can help prevent erosion, flooding, and water pollution. In areas prone to drought or water scarcity, rainwater harvesting can help provide a reliable source of water during dry periods, which can help increase community resilience to climate change.

By reducing demand on municipal water supplies, rainwater harvesting can help reduce strain on water treatment plants and other water infrastructure, which can lead to cost savings for municipalities and taxpayers.

Rainwater harvesting provides numerous benefits to any community whose citizens take the initiative to participate in rainwater collection.

What is a basic water catchment system?

When starting something like rainwater collecting for the first time, it is always wise to start simple and improve your system as you learn what works best for you and your home or business. 

Basic water catchment systems typically include a few key components that work together to collect, store, and distribute rainwater for various uses. These components include a catchment surface, gutters and downspouts, storage container such as a rain barrel, filtration system, and distribution system.

In short, a basic water catchment system collects and stores rainwater, filters out impurities, and distributes the clean water for various purposes, such as irrigation, washing, or even drinking (if properly treated).


What is the best rain water harvesting system?

The best rainwater harvesting system depends on many different factors, such as the local climate, the size of the catchment area, the water demand, and your budget. Here at The Firebird, we carry a variety of rain barrels and tanks, in numerous sizes and styles, for capturing rainwater.

Here are some common types of rainwater harvesting systems you can consider for your own home:

Rain barrels are generally used under canales and rooftop gutters; typically they range from 50 to 200 gallons. All are equipped with hose faucets and inlet screens. Some styles are available in a choice of colors too. It’s easy to set up — simply put the barrel in place and start catching water!

Cisterns are larger storage tanks that can hold several thousand gallons of rainwater and require a filtration system. They can be made of plastic, concrete, or metal, and can be installed above or below ground.

Green roofs are designed to capture rainwater and reduce runoff. They consist of a layer of soil and vegetation on top of a waterproof membrane. The plants absorb the rainwater, reducing the amount of runoff and allowing the water to slowly seep into the soil.

Infiltration basins are depressions in the ground that are designed to capture rainwater and allow it to slowly percolate into the soil. Infiltration basins require a permeable soil layer and may require the installation of an underdrain to prevent flooding.

Active rainwater harvesting systems use pumps and filters to collect and distribute rainwater for indoor and outdoor use. These systems are more complex and expensive than passive systems but can provide a more reliable source of water for households and businesses.

The best rainwater harvesting system will ultimately depend on your specific needs. Call our expert team at The Firebird today and we will help you find the perfect rainwater collection system.


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