A fireplace is one of the most sought after features in a home and will increase its resale value more than a freestanding wood stove. RSF wood-burning fireplaces perform like wood stoves, but provide the aesthetic appeal of a fireplace.

The built-in nature of RSF fireplaces allows for configuration of ductwork and fans to move heat to other rooms. This is not only beneficial for heating areas that would otherwise be impossible to heat (e.g. basement), but it is very effective at keeping the space with the fireplace comfortable. The RSF Comfort Advantage allows you to: – Heat up to 3,000 square feet – Use ductwork and fans to move heat to other rooms – Heat the basement from the living room – Use a thermostat to automatically move heat away when it gets too hot.

Exclusive to RSF, the heat-activated Smart BurnRate (SBR) air control system balances the fireplace’s burn rate to optimize combustion and keep it in the sweet spot. The user controls the length of the burn time, less wood for a short burn or more wood for longer burns. As the fireplace heats up, the SBR restricts air flow without user input or electricity. It’s always ready in a power outage, and an RSF unit with the SBR system will consume up to half the amount of wood in the first two hours as a conventional stove.