How Outdoor Heating Can Transform Your Yard

Are you looking for a way to level up your outdoor comfort? One of the easiest ways to add extra time and enjoyment to your backyard is to invest in an electric outdoor heater. From evening entertaining to cozy family moments after dusk, bring some warmth to your outdoor space with a patio heater!


Why Should You Get an Outdoor Patio Heater?

The beauty of outdoor heat lamps is that they allow you to have the most valuable resource: time. There's nothing worse than shortening a good night because you're being chased away by the chill. With an outdoor electric heater, you can fight off the cooling temperatures and keep the party going long after the sun goes down.

We know your outdoor kitchen and outdoor spaces are where people will want to gather--find the best outdoor heater to keep them warm!


What Should I Look for in a Patio Heater?

It's important to us that, regardless of budget or size, you find the outdoor electric heater that's right for you. When buying a patio heater, consider:


How large of a space will you be trying to heat with your electric lamp? Electric lamps can do wonders for heat output, reaching 6 to 20 feet in diameter. According to, a propane-powered heater can raise the outdoor air temperature by as much as 25 degrees, extending your outdoor season for quite some time. 

As you look for the perfect lamp to increase your outdoor comfort, try to envision where you would place it and how much area you'd like to heat. Consider one of Bromic's freestanding and stylish heaters for a flexible option.


Similar to space, think about what size of heater your backyard can accommodate. Some full-size models rest on the ground, but wall-mount or tabletop versions are also possible (Focus Fires' suspended fireplaces creatively use space particularly well). Looking at larger electric heaters, many even have wheels for easy mobility to navigate your unique space conveniently. Make sure your heater is large enough so that all of your guests can enjoy its radiant heat.


Depending on which type of fire you have, consider accessories to take it to its fullest potential. Propane fire pits will need propane tanks, while outdoor fire pits benefit from covers that protect their burner and structural elements. If you want to go the fashionable route, lava rocks or tempered glass can add to your aesthetic. Finally, accessories like prongs, spark screens, and pokers are needed to preserve your safety and keep things fun and accident-free!


Exploring Outdoor Heat Lamps

Now that you've decided to enhance your outdoor space with an outdoor heater, it's time to consider which style would make the most sense for you.

Outdoor Hearth

There's nothing better than good friends and a warm fire. But which one to choose? Do you envision your company around a fireplace or a fire pit? Will your night start with an immaculate stack of firewood or a simple turn of a gas valve? We can help you decide and have great relationships with vendors in all categories.

Explore our gas fire pit tables, fire burners, outdoor kitchen islands, gas fireplaces, outdoor patio furniture, accessories, and custom products to beautify your residential and commercial outdoor space.

Alternative Heating

Need to heat a space but can't afford the time or space to install a hearth product? Then infrared, gas, and electric heating for large or small areas may be for you. A couple of examples are

  • Bromic heaters are the preferred choice for top architects and designers and can be found in some of the most prestigious hospitality venues worldwide. Bromic prides itself on delivering performance, design, and reliability. You can see Bromic heaters on display in our showroom and learn more about them on our site!
  • Infratech has long been recognized by leading architects, designers, and builders for providing the broadest range of aesthetic choices in the industry — from heater profiles to mounting and color variations. We are excited to announce the launch of our most designer-friendly offering yet: the Motif collection of stylish, laser-cut decorative fascias designed to be added to our C-Series and CD-Series heaters for wall, ceiling, and pole mount applications.


Traditional Outdoor Heating

While the innovation and creativity of our partners' outdoor heaters can be astounding, we also provide heaters with a more traditional look.

Fire Pit

Due to their ease of use and portable nature, fire pits or fire bowls have become one of the most popular ways to add a little rustic charm to your outdoor space. Their low orientation makes them ideal for gathering with friends late into the night. Fire pits provide the added flexibility of utilizing either wood or gas. 

Available in many different sizes and shapes, fire pits easily match whatever design aesthetic you choose for your outdoor living space. For example, Grand Canyon Gas Logs was created to bring handcrafted quality, hyper-realistic designs. In contrast, Athena Fireglass brings you the most stunning, highly reflective glass available in the marketplace today. Grab your s'more supplies and find the perfect fire pit for you!

Wood Burning Stove

There is nothing better than a traditional wood burning stove for a homespun yet sophisticated feel. For example, our supplier Morsø's stove brings a timeless and modern design to your space. With its eco certifications, the efficiency of this stove allows it to be environmentally friendly--something that can make you appreciate your corner of the great outdoors even more.

 You've invested a lot in your outdoor space, so get more use out of it by keeping it warm throughout the evening. Make your backyard more inviting and light up your night with an electric patio heater!