How To Improve Your Wood-Burning Stove’s Performance

A wood-burning stove is a thing of beauty and utility. It works harder than other modes of heating and has a lower total cost of ownership. A wood-burning stove is more efficient at heat production, providing 3X more heat with only one-third of the firewood. 

Considering the severity of global warming and the toll on our exhaustive resources, the adoption of wood-burning stoves is a greener idea. Wood is renewable, easy to access, and also offers a vintage touch to your premises.

Today modern wood-burning stoves have EPA certification, guaranteeing very low carbon emission levels and high energy efficiency.

If you’re planning on using a wood-burning stove, here are a few amazing tips on how you can improve the stove’s performance.

Pick the right sized Stove

The size of your stove must depend upon the room size! A tiny stove in a large cabin would make no sense. The foremost thing to consider is buying the right wood-burning stove by looking at the size and not the price. Lower priced but smaller-sized stove might turn out to be a waste of money. A professional can help you select the right stove for the square footage you are trying to heat

Select the right spot

Once you’ve finalized the right-sized stove, it is time to decide the position for installation. A free-standing wood-burning stove needs a chimney. Get professional help to determine whether you can use your existing chimney. Using your current chimney can save you time and money, but narrow down your choice of stove. 

While it’s easier to install a wood-burning stove in open floor plan houses, it is always advisable to consult a professional installer. You will need to factor in multiple items and have a first-time-right approach. For obvious reasons, you do not want to keep shifting and re-installing the stove. The most important factor while installing your freestanding wood stove is the safety of people and property. Ensure that your installation adheres to stipulated guidelines for fire safety, hazardous air, and air pollution.

Clean up your chimney